1. Disarray of one’s life or thoughts. 2. Need to “put the house in order.” 3. Playfulness or teasing, in oneself or others. 4. Timidity. 5. Something undesirable. 6. Small-minded.


1. Playing a role, putting up a “smoke screen” to keep others away. 2. If smoking a cigarette, one may want to give the habit up. 3. If smoking is enjoyable, one is trying to escape cares, pressures. 4. Phallic symbol.

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Dictionary and Islamic Dream Meaning Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams and Imam Jafar al-Sadiq Dictionary of Dreams – Islamic Dream Islamic Dream Interpretation | Dream interpretation requires vast knowledge, clear perception, and sensi­tivity. Such knowledge must be based on the fundamentals of one’s religion, inner spiritual values, moral and cultural traditions. The beginner in this field must know …


For a business man to dream that his proposition has been accepted, foretells that he will succeed in making a trade, which heretofore looked as if it would prove a failure. For a lover to dream that he has been accepted by his sweetheart, denotes that he will happily wed the object of his own …


(Tricktrack) Playing backgammon in a dream means having an imposing character, being highly skilled and efficient, scheming, mental keenness, playing a ruse or eliciting admiration. Playing backgammon in a dream also denotes someone who is highly qualified or it may demonstrate the type of character one assumes in his daily life, or it could mean …


To dream that you are playing basketball indicates that you will need the cooperation of others to achieve your goals. To see a basketball in your dream suggests that you need to make the first move in a situation.


(Baseball; Basketball; Cricket ball; Football; Glob; Golfball; Handball; PingPong ball; Pushball; Snowball; Tennis ball; Volleyball) A ball in a dream signifies a dispute, an argument, a fight to control the world and its resources. Some will desire it and others will reject it. A ball in a dream also could signify travels or moving between …


To dream of playing with a ball or playing a game involving balls (such as billiards, tennis, baseball, golf, croquet, etc.) signifies happy news. If you dream of watching others throw or catch a ball, you need to overcome your shyness. Also see “Dance.”


On a psychological level, card playing in a dream can be seen as taking calculated risks and alerting us to potential danger. Generally, our subconscious may be registering concern, either about ourselves or others. Business cards convey the idea that we are happy to give other people information about ourselves, or to receive such information …