Unhappiness. A rough road ahead. Something that the dreamer needs to know. In extreme cases, a death – BUT THE DREAMER’S DEATH IS NEVER SHOWN. Astrological parallel: Scorpio


Something is bothering you – that is, “bugging” you. This may be on an unconscious level, so watch for other signals in the dream. An illness that might not be readily apparent – in short, a “bug.” A minuscule or unseen enemy. Astrological parallel: Scorpio


Transition; crossing from one way of life to another. A rise in the level of consciousness on the part of the dreamer; heightened awareness. Astrological parallel: Scorpio


Motion, movement away from one thing and towards another. Speed, acceleration. Freedom. Astrological parallel: Sagittarius Tarot parallel: The Chariot


A warning to play it straight. If, in the dream, the dreamer is cheating, he should watch out for someone trying to cheat him. If the dreamer is being cheated, he can expect a stroke of luck. Astrological parallel: Pluto Tarot parallel: The Wheel of Fortune

Chase/being chased

Being at a disadvantage in a given situation. Actually being pursued, probably in the sense of being “chased” by a potential lover, employer, or customer. Astrological parallels: Aries, Gemini, Mercury.


Love, loyalty, beauty. Fierce defense of loved ones or pursuit of something desperately desired. Royalty; godliness; a keeper of hidden knowledge. Astrological parallels: Venus, Taurus.