10. Blind People Dream

While people who are born blind dream in terms of more ambiguous shapes and lights, those who become blind after birth actually dream the same way non-blind people do, complete with colors, people, and things that were once visually experienced (and never quite completely forgotten). Sleep must be all the more exciting miraculous for those …


Being blind in a dream denotes deception of some sort. If you’re the one who’s blind, someone close to you is about to betray you. If someone else in your dream is blind, it means deceit, and you should be alert to any type of treacherous behavior around you.


Those that are literally blind cannot see the world around them. They can only perceive images with their mind’s eye. When the dream is about being blind, the message is of a psychological and spiritual nature. Blindness in a dream suggests that the dreamer may be unwilling to see some aspect of his life. There …


To see a blind person in your dream signifies that some one needs your help. If you yourself are the blind one, the predictions are that you are overlooking personal faults and are due for some changes, either in your occupation or living conditions.


1. A lack of awareness (a “blind eye”). 2. Denial. 3. Feel­ings of ignorance. 4. Codependence (leading the blind). 5. Ad­ventures to come (also leading the blind).