Watching your loved ones die in your dream is one of the most common and dreaded dreams of all. In spite of the fact that death is frequently seen as a negative aspect, it’s identified with emotional change happening for the one who is dreaming- so as to make space for something new.

Partner is Cheating

Most of these authorities agree that this dream should not be taken as clairvoyance. According to Loewenberg, “The cheating dream happens when your mate is spending too much time and attention on something that does not involve you.” Similarly, Lawrence notes a lack of trust in a romantic relationship tends to spark this dream.

Being Cheated On

Being cheated on shows a lack of trust or security in your relationship and can mean you’re not confident in yourself.


Death in a dream means you’re scared of change. It can also mean you’re feeling vulnerable.


Death means you’re wanting a new beginning, if it’s the death of a loved one.

A Cheating Partner

A lack of attention from your partner might unconsciously trigger this dream and it often means that you have trust issues. It’s time to talk about your worries and put the magic back in your relationship.


Of a friend or loved one represents change (endings and new beginnings) and is not a psychic prediction of any kind. If you are recently bereaved, it may be an attempt to come to terms with the event.