1. Industry, teamwork on the job. 2. Prosperity and good fortune. 3. Caution in business affairs (empty hive). 4. Caution in love affairs (empty hive).

Hive (Beehive)

1. The locus of industry, productivity and prosper­ity (note the mood of the bees and how much they are getting done because of it). 2. The center of activity and power that con­trols situations and events.


In a dream, a beehive represents one’s wife. The bees represent her progeny, and the honeycomb represents her money. A beehive in a dream also means a castle or citadel. The bees represent its dwellers, and its honeycombs represent their property or belongings. A beehive in a dream also could mean distress, sadness, or the …


In a dream, bees represent prosperity, or a dangerous adventure. Seeing a beehive and extracting honey from it in a dream means earning lawful money. Taking all the honey from the beehive and leaving nothing for the bees in a dream means being unjust. If bees sit over one’s head in a dream, it means …


(Apiculturist; Apiarist) In a dream, a beekeeper represents a struggle, a caprice, taking the short road, wearing a mask, or it could mean hardships. (Also see Beehive)


The old belief that one told one’s sorrows to the bees still manifests in dreams today. Any hive may represent the activity that is needed to get ourselves out of a situation.


The hive usually represents an area of work where there is considerable industry and activity going on, and where the best use is made of all possible resources. To dream of being near a hive can represent the effort that is needed to be made to create fertility – or fertile situations – for ourselves. …