1. To be in a pub in a dream and aware of our behaviour indicates how we relate to groups and what our feelings are about society.
    We may feel that it is appropriate to use a public space to create new relationships, or to come to terms with our own sense of loneliness.
    A public space where we can drop inhibitions has links with the Pagan need for festivity and celebration.
  2. We all have social needs that can be met in convivial company, in a pub or bar.
    The origins of the public house were the old inns, which were stopping-olf places for travellers.
    Any companionship was purely transitory.
    This symbolism is still present today in dreams.
    We arc in a place where we can rest and relax and nothing more is expected of us.
  3. As a public place where shared values arc important, the public house can be a creative space.
    As a meeting place where few judgements arc made, it becomes a placc in which people can co-exist.