(see by specific instruments)

Inner harmony, or the song of your soul as it mingles with the Universe. Pythagoras believed that celestial objects sing as they move throughout the sky. When you learn that music, as well as your own keynote within the strain, it naturally engenders actualization and awareness.

The universal language that expresses your emotions to those who will listen. In this case, you are likely revealing hidden feelings to yourself.

Discordant: Being in an ill-advised relationship or situation that isn’t healthy spiritually, physically, or mentally.

Note the selection of music, where it is played, the quality, and represented instruments. Each of these facets will add greater dimension to your dream’s interpretation. For example, a mournful opera carries far different emotions from celebratory songs, or religious canticles. So if you dreamt of a church song being performed badly, this could reveal that your spiritual life has somehow gotten “out of tune” and needs vour attention.