When you translate dreams using the scientific method of dream interpretation you will see how dreams reveal both what is happening inside your mind, and also in the world outside concerning people in your life and how their behavior impacts you.

You will develop a third eye, and learn about the other side of reality, where reality is prepared before it happens, the same way that all organisms are prepared to survive on Earth even before they start life on our planet. Inherited behavioral programs allow living organisms to automatically adopt the best reaction in response to the various stimuli of their environment.

Since things are designed to happen according to certain physical laws, we can learn what will happen in the future, before it happens. Think of it as similar to forecasting the weather; you analyze conditions that already exist elsewhere and then you can determine what will happen in another location.

We can alter the course of negative future developments if we can foresee them and instead prepare the positive future development we desire.

The meaning behind your dreams will show you first of all that you have a wild side and that you have to tame it and transform it into a human if you want to become balanced and find happiness in life.

If you don’t care about your dangerous wild side, you may succumb to a life of depression and even contemplate committing suicide. Or you may fall into an advanced stage of mental illness where psychotherapy and recovery will be nothing short of miraculous.

On the other hand, if you are mature and intelligent, and seriously study the meaning of your dreams, and care about transforming your personality as well as developing your intelligence, you will live peacefully and attain wisdom.

Everything depends on your attitude.