Psychological / Emotional Perspective

Dreaming of fish connects with the emotional side of ourselves, but more our ability to be wise without being strategic. We can often simply respond instinctively to what is going on, without needing to analyze it.

The salmon symbolizes wisdom; a cooked fish is a completed task and other fish represent prosperity.

The fin of a fish signifies positive movement and ‘going with the flow’.

China, interpretation of dreams

You catch fishes with fish net: you’ll soon win your own prize

Triskelion Dream Interpretation

To see live fish in a dream is very much good luck unless the fish was carp, in which case it is a warning against subjecting yourself by your actions to criticism.

A fish swimming in clear water is an omen that you will acquire personal wealth and power. but to see a dead fish as in a market is an omen of disappointment. Cooking and eating fish, except carp, indicates your present endeavors will meet with success.

Dream Symbol

Fish signify temporal and spiritual power. When pictured as two fish swimming in opposite directions, it is recognized as the sign of pisces.

The collective unconscious as jung has called it – that part of life everyone shares, the common experience, awareness and knowledge that we all have – is becoming available to us.

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mankind in the sea of life