VT: Dreaming about a birth could be a sign of the birth of a new idea, a new task, a new plan, or even an idea for a book (usually in a man’s dream). In women’s dreams, it refers to the birth of a new attitude toward life.

If you are giving birth: a job change for more money. Having an easy birth; a long-held wish will be granted along with freedom from many worries. Dreaming about a difficult birth: you have to let go of something you love very much; sometimes it also refers to an illness. Watching an animal giving birth means a positive new phase and new opportunities.

Depth Psychology: Women’s dreams about birth are a sign of personal growth, implying that the process will be painful. In men’s dreams, it usually indicates the “birth of new ideas,” new work, or extraordinary deeds. Dreaming about birth is always a signal of a new beginning or personal growth. It also is a sign of emotional health or of regaining emotional health. Birth is always a beautiful, positive symbol!