• This dream denotes a withering state of things, and bodes no good to the dreamer.
  • To dream of breathing hot air suggests that you will be influenced to evil by oppression.
  • To feel cold air, denotes discrepancies in your business, and incompatibility in domestic relations.
  • To feel oppressed with humidity, some curse will fall on you that will prostrate and close down on your optimistical views of the future.

Material Aspects:

  • From a pragmatic point of view, air is a force which supports and surrounds all that we do, so in dreams to be conscious of bellows or a pump suggests that we need to use strategy and power to achieve our ends.

Psychological / Emotional Perspective:

  • Air represents the intellect and psychologically allows us to bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and the physical.
  • As breath, it is a necessary part of life which tends not to be thought about until there is a problem.
  • In dreams we will become conscious of air as a breeze or a wind of some sort.

Chiristian Dream Symbols:

Conditioning-symbolic of a luxury, modern comforts

Lack of Air: See Strangulation.