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Name Tag

To dream of a name tag symbolizes your own self-confidence. To dream that you lose your name tag, or if it’s blank, this suggests confusion about your own self-identity. If you dream of having the wrong name on your name tag, you may secretly feel that you’re not good enough, and worry that others don’t really like you. Try to improve your confidence level! Also see “Name”, above


Sexually explicit dream content is not from God. To dream of an adulterous relationship may result from fear of infidelity in a relationship. A God-given dream may expose a cheating spouse without showing lewd conduct, Ex. 20:14


The interpretation of this dream depends on its aspect. If your feeling of distaste seriously disturbed you in your dream, it is a warning of danger or difficulties of an unforeseen nature; however, if you were merely annoyed by the feeling in your dream, you will overcome your problems.


To dream of drinking, health, wealth, etc. (Gypsy). To dream of drinking in moderation might well im£ly strength and refreshment through sensory stimuli. Some dream interpreters translate this as a forecast of the dreamer’s marriage.


(Bird; Fowl) A chicken in a dream represents the woman of the house, while the rooster in a dream represents the man of the house. A chicken in a dream also represents a woman who takes care of orphans and raises charities for their sake, or it could represent a blond woman, or a servant. Owning a chicken in a dream means dispelling difficulties, or it could be a show of happiness. Hunting a chicken […]


(Lavatory) In a dream, a toilet means relief from distress, satisfying one’s innate needs, a bathhouse, taking a ritual ablution, a place where one’s secrets are exposed, a place where one hides his money, a treasury, a coffer, a rest room, or a place to reflect. Washing the toilet’s floor in a dream means becoming poor. A flooded toilet in a dream means distress, pregnancy, or prosperity. To fall into a toilet in a dream […]

Pot (Marijuana)

If you dream of smoking pot, it suggests you have feelings of insecurity and regret. You worry that people will discover who you really are. If you dream of hiding your pot smoking from someone, especially a parent, you have been keeping a secret that will hurt you if you don’t let it out. If you dream that someone pressures you to smoke pot, beware of that person in real life because they are a […]

Young man

(Teenage boy) An unknown young man in a dream represents an enemy. If the young man is known in the dream, then whatever strength, harshness, weaknesses, deceit, perfidy, or character he displays, they denote the same character in wakefulness. Walking behind an unknown young man in a dream means pursuing one’s enemy and conquering him. If one meets an unknown young man whom he dislikes in a dream, it means that such an enemy will […]


To dream of being in any disaster from public conveyance, you are in danger of losing property or of being maimed from some malarious disease. For a young woman to dream of a disaster in which she is a participant, foretells that she will mourn the loss of her lover by death or desertion. To dream of a disaster at sea, denotes unhappiness to sailors and loss of their gains. To others, it signifies loss […]


(Padlock) In a dream, a lock represents a trustworthy person or a virgin girl. Opening a padlock in a dream means escaping fromjail, or release from prison. If one who is suffering from depression sees himself unlocking a padlock in a dream, it means that his sorrows or sadness will be dispelled. A lock in a dream also represents a proof, a strong point or a tool. Unlocking a padlock in a dream also means […]

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