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1. A need or desire for protection. 2. Issues may arise con­cerning law. 3. Advancement, prosperity.


1. Forgotten skills. 2. Ability to learn, humility. 3. Loyalty and protection. 4. Treachery and betrayal (a black dog, or being bit­ten by a dog). 5. Bad reputation (being chased by a dog).

Mad Dog

1. Unexpected attack from someone one doesn’t know. 2. If one kills the dog, then the unknown adversary is van­quished. 3. If running from a mad dog, one is unable to cope with an adversary. 4. If someone else kills the dog, it means that the dreamer has a good friend who will come to his/her aid.


1. Testing or sampling before you commit. 2. Adventure­some disposition. 3. Good luck and wealth are in the offing (to be licked by a dog).


1. To be seen as under the influence of others. 2. Good for­tune in happy, solid friendships. 3. A feeling that friends are attempting to be manipulative.


Like thunder, it wont hurt, but if not heeded, it could get worse; see “dog


A person who is put last by the big dogs of power, but they have the fearless courage needed to persevere; see “small”


One with a dogmatic personality; a bully


A person of like character, i.E. A golden retriever is prosperous, brown is a worker, pit bull is dangerous, white is innocent, etc.; See “animals”


An abnormally bad tempered person; see “dog

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