Interpreting numbers that we see in dreams may be difficult. Their meaning my be very personal, such as a reflection of financial concern or any other area of daily life represented by numbers. One way to interpret numbers is to try to see how they are specifically related to you. (E.g. If you have the number 25 in your dream. Your house number is 12 while your parent’s number is 13. Together they make 25, and this dream could have been addressing issues in regard to you and your parents.) On the other hand, numbers in dreams may represent global concepts and point to collective dilemmas. Some interesting interpretations would include the following: See also: Zero. Even numbers might represent the feminine while odd numbers the masculine. 2 – psychic development and doubling; something new coming up with the potential for building. 3 – the trinity; it is an active or a process number (something is going on in the psyche). 4 – completion and femininity. 5 – life force; refers to the five fingers and five appendages of the body. 7 – sacred number in Christianity and Judaism; the highest stage of illumination and spirituality. 12 – represents time and may mark the most important cycles in life.