General Meaning: A representation of your ministry. Positive: Cars are by far the most common vehicle seen in dreams. In an internal dream, you might dream of an old car you once owned, or even of a car you desire to own. • A car from the past could represent the circumstances surrounding that time of your life. It could also refer to the ‘old ministry functions’ that you flowed in during that time of your life. • I remember a lady who shared once how she dreamed that she was trying to drive the car she had when she first got saved. The car was old and broken, but she was being pressured into driving it. • The interpretation was clear. She was being pressured to function in a ministry and spiritual capacity she had functioned in, in the past. But she had moved on since then and it was no longer appropriate. It was time for her to move on. • Dreaming of cars is common. You might dream that you receive a fast sports or racing car. • This means that the Lord is going to lead you into a different type of ministry that has a bigger realm of influence. It also indicates that this will be a fast move for you. • If you dream that someone else is driving your car, depending on the character driving your car, the interpretation could vary. • Your father or husband driving your car could mean that the Lord Jesus is in control of your ministry (depending on your relationship with your father or husband). This would have a good connotation. • Driving the car yourself could be good. It speaks of being in control and going in the right direction. • Negative: Someone driving your car that represents the flesh, pride or the world system would have a negative connotation. This would mean that something other than the Lord is in control of your ministry and spiritual life! • Different cars in your dream could represent different ministries. • Having your car stolen, taken over or stopped, speaks of your ministry being taken from you. This does not have a good connotation. • Now that you have a general idea, allow the Holy Spirit to define your dream or vision for you. • See also: Vehicles.