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The Stars and Planets

As a rule, stars and planets symbolize the nobility or dignitaries of country. Any goodness in them denote similar goodness in them. Note the interpretations of the following planets. Mars : It represents the police force, security force and the military force of the king or state. Saturn : It presents the torturers and interrogators of the king or state. Jupiter : it either represents the state treasurer or the administrative representative of the state. […]


A dream denoting joyful tidings (Gypsy). Probably derived from the Biblical description of the birth of Christ.


Dreaming about planets could represent desire to explore either our internal world or the world of our egos (the external or physical world). Planets could also represent deeper things such as the way that we relate to ourselves. They can say something about the relationship that exists between our soul and ego. An orbiting planet could represent your ego. It is traveling around the sun (i.e. soul) and the entire thing could be a huge […]


1. Personal sphere of influence. 2. Sense of fate, fortune or future (horoscopes). 3. Possibly difficult journey ahead (to travel among).


Dreaming of planets is to be linking with very subtle energies, which surround us and have an effect on our lives, even though we may not be consciously aware of them. Often as we begin to study the esoteric arts we become more aware of these influences.


Spiritually, once we become aware of how the subtle energies can help us live our lives successfully, we can learn to make use of planetary energy. This is a belief that goes back to ancient times and is the basis of astrology.


The interpretations of the planetary significances are: jupiter suggests growth and expansion, and also freedom from limitation. Mars indicates activity and war but also drive. Mercury signifies communication, intuition and mental powers. The moon represents our emotions and our links with our mother. Neptune works with illusion – but also with inspiration. Pluto has charge of the unconscious and transformation. Saturn is a restraining influence and rules the past. The sun usually symbolizes the self […]


See Planets.

Jupiter (Zeus)

Greek god Zeus and the Roman god Jupiter are one and the same. Zeus is the god of gods. He is the creator of day, thunder and lightning, the seasons and is the “sky god.” Zeus holds supreme power and his decisions are not questioned as he is the father of gods and men. He represents external order and authority. His wisdom, power and sense of fairness supports the structure of the ancient Greek and […]


A calendar is initially a way of naming periods of time, usually days, though also of particular cycles such as the seasons. Cycles in a calendar are often measured by the motion of planets and stars. This allows celebrations and festivals to be calculated. We should become more aware of these timetables.

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